Hades User Manual


Please fully charge your battery first. You can use your own 18650 charger for faster charging or the included USB cable. Remove silicone cover from top and screw in nail of your choice. Do Not Over Tighten(the threading is made of ceramic so try to be gentle when switching nails). Rinse then fill glass attachment with preferred water level before placing it on Hades. Press the button 3 times to turn on your device. You will see a white light indicating the start of the heat cycle. When the light turns green wait 5 seconds then press the button 3 times to turn off Hades. Now the device has been pre-heated. You can press the button 3 times for low temp dab(white light turns green) or 5 times for high temp(green light turns white). We recommend low temp for ti nail and high temp for quartz. Get your dab ready using the dab tool/carb cap while Hades is heating. When the color changes apply your dab, then cover with carb cap and enjoy! Turn it off at any time by pressing 3 times.


-Titanium is the most battery efficient nail, but Quartz is the tastiest.

-Pre-heat twice for big dabs or when battery is running low.

-Q-tip your nail after every session to keep your nail tasting delicious and save money on replacement nails.

-Have alcohol wipes & Q-tips handy(Do not jam in the q-tip, smash it first then clean your nail)

-Get an extra 18650 and Charger so you never run out of power (heavy users)

-Twist your glass on and off instead of pulling up or pushing down.