Kronos User Manual

Charge Kronos first. Open your travel case. Grab the USB cable and battery. Connect the USB to your power source then screw the battery to the end of the charger. You should see a red light indicating your device needs charging. Light will turn green when finished. Once charging is complete unscrew the battery from the charger and attach your atomizer. Now unscrew the airflow tube from the atomizer to reveal the dual quartz rod coils. Using your dab tool load your concentrate directly on the coils (rice grain size recommended) then screw airflow tube back on. Now turn on your battery by pressing the button 5 times. Hold the button for 3 seconds to melt your concentrate and coat your quartz rods. Now you are ready to go. Hold the button as long as you wish and enjoy! Slow and steady wins the race with Kronos. Inhaling faster will not result in a bigger hit.  

-Turn Kronos on and off with 5 quick clicks

Want a bigger hit? Let go of the button before the 10 second cut-off. Hold button for 7 seconds let go for 1. As many times as necessary.