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Kronos is a slim pen style wax vaporizer featuring dual quartz rod coils in a deep ceramic chamber. No glues, no fibers, no plastics. Equipped with a 3.7v 650mah battery to keep you dabbing discretely anytime and anywhere, Kronos can handle every type of wax concentrate you can throw in it. 

2 in 1! Kronos battery is perfect for all 510 threaded cartridges



-Dual Quartz Atomizer

-Dab Tool

-USB Charger

-Travel Case

Great budget friendly option for beginner and intermediate users because of its versatility. Load any type of concentrate and even switch to cartridges if you so choose. The vapor production is soft and smooth not intense and harsh. If you are looking for huge clouds Kronos may not be for you. The battery does not allow your coils to glow red hot to preserve the flavor of your concentrate and extend the life of your atomizer.

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